Sensor Valve Kit

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Watts Sensor Valve Kit

Product Overview

This sensor valve kit is perfect for use with branched hot water lines. No additional pumps are needed, and the kit includes a sensor valve and two 12 inch supply lines with fittings. California residents: seeProposition 65 information * Stainless-steel construction * Additional sensor valve for existing branched hot water lines * Easy to install with no additional pumps needed * Includes a sensor valve and two 12 in. supply lines with fittings



Product Width (in.) 4
Manufacturer Warranty Watts (the "Company") warrants each product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal usage for a period of one year from the date of original shipment.
Product Depth (in.) 2
Product Height (in.) 13
Material Stainless Steel
Returnable 90-Day
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If you have a split plumbing system (where the hot water line that comes off the hot water heater splits at a tee -- usually to serve the kitchen in one direction and the

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I have installed seven Watts hot water circulating pumps. Two clients have requested this additional sensor at the kitchen sink. The only complaint is that the cold water

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I had purchased the original Watts 500800 unit and installed it. i had put the first sensor under the kitchen sink. The bedroom fartherest from the heater still took a lo

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I already had a circulation pump installed on my water heater but only one sensor valve kit at the faucett furthest from the water heater. The second sensor valve I insta

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These valves seem to fail at about the 3-4 year mark. I have now replaced three. They are very expensive. Perhaps they should be redesigned with better materials. These s

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I have had this unit installed with 3 sensor valves installed at my house for over 3 years. Recently, the hot water availability at one of the sinks slowed down drastical

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We installed the Watts Recirculating Pump on our hot water heater so we could have hot water in the bathroom sinks without wasting a lot of water waiting while it got hot

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My bathroom sink is on the main floor and my hot water heater is in the basement below. So I tried installing the Watts sensor valve without the pump. The result was very

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I think it's a great product and love having hot water instantly. However, I don't think it's really a fair price. I feel something like this could be less than $30.00.

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I installed the Watts pump and a sensor valve last winter to deal with a freezing pipe at an upstairs shower. Worked like a charm. So a few months later I decided to inst

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